10 Most Amazing yet Cheapest countries in the world you should travel 2020

Do you know travel is not as expensive as you think? If you are a hodophile and looking for the places where you can spend the memorable moments at affordable packages, then here it is.

We mostly believe travel is expensive, but unlike in some countries, there are some beautiful yet inexpensive countries as well. Therefore, we have shared the top 10 places in the world where you can plan holidays for 2020.

10 Most Amazing yet Cheapest countries

1. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the cheapest countries in the world just like India. It is a southeast country filled with lavish greens and many waterways. This country is known as the country of Bengal. You can spend days at Dhaka at a few bucks and enjoy a good meal, nature, boats, and beaches.

Famous food: Rice, fish curry, lentil, paratha, Kachchi Biryani, and bhuna Khichuri.

Famous tourist attractions: Sundarbans mangrove forests, Chittagong hill-tracts, srimangal, paharpur, Gaur, etc.

Top Festivals: Pahels Baishakh at Dhaka, Dhaka World Music festival, International Folk Festival.

Best time to visit: March to April, October, and November to February.

2. Vietnam

It is a Southeast Asian country famous for beaches, rivers, and fantastic nature views. The Average cost of spending one day is $15. Vietnam has historical museums to visit. The interesting places are Ha Long Bay, Cu Chi Tunnels and more.

Famous Food: summer rolls, grilled pork, beef on rice, and Baguettes.

Famous tourist attractions: Ha Long Bay, Cu Chi Tunnels, Phu Quoc, and more.

Top Festivals:Hue festival, perfume festival, mid-autumn festival, hung king temple festival, wandering souls days.

Best time to visit:spring & autumn season, February- April & August-October.

3. Ukraine


Ukraine is a famous country in Eastern Europe for the Black Sea, Orthodox churches, and mountains. You can enjoy here amazing food Borscht, holodets, and Chicken Kyiv. On average, you can spend $30 per day for everything.

Famous Food: Borscht, Deruni, chicken Kyiv, Olivier Potato salad, and Paska.

Famous tourist attractions: Lviv, Chernivtsi, sofiyivsky park, kiev, etc.

Top Festivals:KrasnaMalanka, Ostrov Festival, and International Vogue festival.

Best time to visit:summer months (May-June or September)

4. Bolivia

Bolivia is a popular country in central South America. This city is covered with heavy mountains and rainforests. You can explore amazing places especially salt flats at a very cheap price.

Famous Food: Fricase, Majadito, Anticucho, and Pique Macho.

Famous tourist attractions: Madidi National park, Reserva Eduardo Avaroa, sucre, and Titicaca Lake.

Top Festivals:Tinku festival, Fiesta de la Cruz, and Fiesta del Gran Poder.

Best time to visit:May- October or June-July.

5. Romania


Romania is a European country famous for its region Transylvania and mountains. You can enjoy the beautiful time at churches, castles, and Dracula legend. The average spend in Romania per day is $55. You will feel charmed with its beauty and community

Famous Food: sarmale, Jumari, Drob de miel, and Mici.

Famous tourist attractions: Danube Delta, Cluj-Napoca, Mamaia, Sinaia, and Brasov.

Top Festivals:salsa addicted festival, Lolelor festival in Agnita, and Sighisoara Blues Festival.

Best time to visit:Mid May to September.

6. India

India is a South Asian country famous for its beautiful places like Taj Mahal, Char Minar, Amritsar, etc. you can enjoy delicious food, wonderful people and their different cultures.

Famous Food: MurgMakhani, Puri Chole, Chicken Tandoori, Rogan Josh and many more.

Famous tourist attractions: Taj Mahal, Amber Palace, City Palace, Golden Temple, and Red Fort.

Top Festivals:Diwali, Republic day, Dusshera, and Navratri.

Best time to visit:October and March

7. Philippines


The Philippines is famous for its unexplored Islands. Boracay and Siargao is a famous island that must visit. You can enjoy a great adventure, amazing food, rock pooling, surfing and more.

It will be your unimaginable tour because you will enjoy your time with fun and thrill.

Famous Food: Chicken Adobe, KareKare, Tapsilog, Halo-Halo, and Balut.

Famous tourist attractions: Boracay, chocolate hills, Panglao Island, and Siargao Island.

Top Festivals:sinulog festival, Ati-Aithan, Panagbenga, Pahiyas festival, and Pintados.

Best time to visit: November and April.

8. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is famous for eye-catching mosques, Silk Road, and many more. This city is a mark of the Islamic region and its architecture. Must visit places are Shahi-Zinda, Registan, Bibi-Khanym Mosque. You can enjoy everything here at a few dollars.

Famous Food: Plov, Legman, Sherpa, Manti, Dimlama, and Shashlik.

Famous tourist attractions: Shahi-Zinda, Registan, Bibi-Khanym Mosque, and Ark of Bukhara.

Top Festivals:silk & spices festival, II International stand up festival, and Zarb festival Tashkent Raquy.

Best time to visit: April-May and September-November.

9. El Salvador

It is one of the cheapest destinations in Central America to visit. It is the smallest and most populated country in America. It is a land of volcanoes, hence it receives frequent earthquakes. For surfing, it is a popular destination. The food is cheap and travel is less expensive.

Famous Food: Pupusa, Sopa De, YucaFrita, Panes Rellenos, and Ensalada.

Famous tourist attractions: Tazumal, Playa El Tunco, Lake llopango, etc.

Top Festivals:palm festival, balls of fire, San Miguel Carnival and August festivals.

Best time to visit:DecemberMarch

10. Kyrgyzstan

It is famous for Bishkek city that often known as a green city that has 20 parks to explore. It is a safe and inexpensive country to visit. You can do horse riding, hiking, swimming, bath in hot springs, and more.

Famous Food: Beshbarkmak, Bilini, Ashlam-fu, meat, dumplings, and beet soup.

Famous tourist attractions: Lake IssykKul, Tien shan Mountains and a variety of sports plus resorts.

Top Festivals:Noorzu, Kuturgan festival, and Bishkek Jazz festival.

Best time to visit:June-September and March- October

These are unexplored destinations in the world where you can enjoy your time amazingly with no stress of money.