10 Reasons For Using Giloy

Giloy is an ayurvedic herb with tons of benefits for every part of the body. It calms tensed mind and improves vision. It also helps in keeping the heart healthy and reduces signs of aging

1. Immunity booster

A powerhouse of antioxidants, giloy cells healthy by fighting free-radicals, removing toxins, purifying blood and fighting bacteria. Also, it is helpful in treating liver ailments and urinary tract infections. Some experts also suggest giloy for treating heart related problems.

2. Comforts in chronic fever

The anti-pyretic nature of giloy makes it a perfect medicine for curing chronic and recurring fevers. Administering giloy in several life-threatening conditions like Dengue, Swine Flu and Malaria can help save life as it can reduce signs and symptoms. 

3. Improves digestive power

Doctors suggest giloy for treating bowel related symptoms. Taking half a gram of giloy powder with amla can help improve digestion. And taking it with jaggery will provide lasting relief from constipation. But you would need taking it regularly for some time.

4. Diabetes treatment

Since giloy is a hypoglycaemic agent, it can be used for treating diabetes especially Type 2 diabetes. Taking giloy juice regularly reduces blood sugar level drastically. It will work like a wonder drug for diabetic people.

5. Relieves stress and anxiety

As an adaptogenic herb, giloy can help in reducing stress and anxiety. It calms tensed nerves by removing toxins and boosts mental power in the long run. And it makes an amazing tonic when mixed with other herbs.

6. Treats respiratory problems

Giloy has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a reliable drug for curing seasonal respiratory problems including cough and cold. Also, it is a good remedy for infection on tonsils.

7. Arthritis treatment

Giloy can give lasting relief from chronic conditions of arthritis. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritis properties that reduce painful symptoms like swelling. Consuming giloy powder with milk works wonder in arthritis.

8. Treats asthma

Asthmatic conditions like tightness on chest, shortness of breath and coughing and wheezing could be life-threatening, if allowed to persist for a long time. But giloy can control these symptoms. Chewing giloy root or drinking giloy juice can reduce asthmatic conditions.

9. Vision improvement

Applying giloy powder over eyelids can improve vision. Boil giloy powder with water and let it cool before applying it on your eyelids. Repeat this process a couple of times a week to get benefit.

10. Look younger

Anti-aging properties of giloy are well-known. This herb can remove dark spots, cure pimples and reduce formation of fine lines and creases. It will give you a flawless and glowing skin.