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15 Steps Towards A Plastic Free Beauty Closet

Women can do many things for climate control. Starting from household goods to beauty products, they can remove plastic from wherever they can. And it isn’t a surprise that more plastic is found in vanity cases instead of kitchen.

Here’re some tips to keep your beauty closet as useful as it is today after removing plastic from it.

Plastic Free Beauty Closet

1. Buy beauty products packed in paper or at least recycled plastic. Also, reuse and refill the products wherever possible. One more thing is to send the plastic to recycle that is stacked just for filling the space.

2. Avoid single-use wet wipes and embrace washable facial cloth for face cleaning. Cotton pads and wet wipes only add to the plastic waste. But washable facial cloth made of Muslin keeps working for a long time.

3. Bamboo made make-up brushes are more environment friendly than the regular plastic brushes.

4. Keep your hair covered with going out to keep them clean and use dry shampoo for cleaning hair to save water.

5. Shed your hoarding mentality of buying every beauty product you find in good packing. It will result in stacking more plastic in your closet.

6. Buy 2-in-1 products that are more useful to follow the formula less products = less packaging = less plastic.

7. Go natural by choosing plant-based skincare products. You can start with a natural bodywash or shampoo before moving to specific creams and lotions.

8. Switch to bar soap and shampoo because it requires little plastic material to pack.

9. Empty a bottle till the last drop to get full value of your money and prevent the plastic waste from accumulating for as long as you can.

10. Live a healthy life to get a healthy skin that requires little makeup and little bottles and tubes to throw out.

11. Take care of your beauty products so that they last longer. Read product guidelines to store the products in the right environment.

12. Rely more on homecare tips for at least common problems like nourishment.

13. Look for boutiques that pick empty bottles of beauty products to prevent the plastic from going to sea.

14. Take a cold shower to keep your natural glow. It doesn’t strip skin of natural oils.

15. Buy more local products.

Follow these tips to make your skincare more environment friendly. Living in a friendly environment would keep you healthy and you will require less makeup.