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4 Rules For Makeup Enthusiasts

Availability of quick makeup kits and guides could make things simple but a bad blend or a wrong pick could spoil the look. Here’re four pointers that you need to keep in mind while doing makeup.

Always start with brows

It is brows that are more important than eye shadows and blush. The brows have to match with the face shape. Expert suggest fuller and shaped brows. They suggest that a decent gap between brows is necessary. Ideally the brows should be apart by width of the nose. Also, the ends of brows should be well-defined. Also, they advise that the brows have to be kept stronger.

Stop following videos blindly

Makeup enthusiasts should be aware of the eye-shadow videos that could be deceptive. The videos are well-lit and professionally edited to improve the colors. And when you try imitating the videos, you get different results. It is good to first primer the lids so that the color gets a firm base. Also, you should avoid being too matchy-matchy with shadow colors and your dress. Expert suggest matte shadows for better color. Shimmer should be used only on the upper lid as applying it on the socket would make eyes look deep set. Also, you should be careful about the amount of kohl to be applied, shape of the liner and non-clumpy mascara.

Careful use of highlighter

Careful use of highlighter

Experts caution people about use of highlighters because most people become overenthusiastic with it. Also, they advise against using the highlighter on nose because it will make your nose look like oily T-zone. If you have acne problem, highlighter can accentuate the acne. Also, the highlighter should be used at the highest bone point on the check instead of all over the face as it would make you look oily. But Indian tone has little need for highlighter because it is already peach.

Lip service

Lips first should be demarcated with a pencil and then filled with the color. Also, it would be better to first moisturize the lips. The experts caution enthusiasts about the overdrawn lip trend that makes lips look plumper than normal.

Women with dry skin shouldn’t use powder as it could block the pores. They should instead use a blot film and mineralized powder. Also, enthusiasts should understand that Indian skin has little need for bronzer.Just a touch of 3-4 times darker shade on jawline and towards the cheek is more than sufficient.