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4 Things For Which You Don’t Need Makeup

Women love doing makeup but for some, it has a therapeutic effect on their body and mind. They take it as a form of artistic expression or a creative way to enhance their features and to represent themselves. But wearing makeup all the time isn’t a good idea. It could be very bad sometimes.

Cleaning your makeup

You clean makeup to remove whatever dirt and pollutants you’ve accumulated on your skin. And you end up cleaning your skin several times a day. Do you know that your skin remains exposed to dirt even when it is cleaned? Also, that cleaning increases chances of a dirt forming a layer on your skin. The best thing you can do to prevent your skin from pollution is to wear a face mask. Precaution is always better than cure.

4 Things For Which You Don’t Need Makeup

During sexual activity

Makeup could improve your visual appearance necessary for sex but it would also make the act messier. The makeup would get transferred to sheets and pillows. Also, your foundation could get scrubbed with the stubble of your partner during cheek-to-cheek performance. But the worst thing is mingling of your makeup with sweat from both of you. If your partner really likes you, he won’t mind if you go to bed without makeup.

During exercising

You can argue that waterproof and smudge proof makeup works well during workout but in reality, it is like punishing your skin with a deadly combination of makeup and sweat. Exercising increases body temperature that would soften the makeup that would blend with the sweat and enter into the skin pores. It would result in pimples and acne. Avoid wearing makeup when hitting the gym.

Going on a long journey

While makeup could pose little difficulty on short journeys, but when you have to travel or fly to long distances then you should avoid makeup. For example, you could sleep on a long journey and sleeping with makeup isn’t advisable. Also, airplane cabin can suck the last drop of moisture from your face leaving your skin dehydrated.

If you are going on a long flight then you should take advantage of the flight time to pamper your skin with sheet masks, hydrating essence, mists and nutrition skin toners on clear skin but remember that applying these on makeup would prove to be wastage of material. Also, it is bad for your skin.