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4 winter hair mistakes you are making and how to fix them

In winter, hairs and skin wants more care than any other season. For hairs, you would be more aware and more careful about the product that you are using. But sometimes you must make mistakes in very simple everyday things. Rather than chemical, these little things cause more damage to your hair than we realized.

So, here we tell you the 4 hair mistakes that you make in your everyday routine:

winter hair mistakes

1. Washing or Bathing your Hairs with Hot Water

Showering your hairs with hot water is so much dangerous than you ever imagine. Washing with hot water can cause so much damages to your hairs like it suck all the nutrients and oil from your hair.

So, while you are washing your head you must down the temperature of the water and wash your hairs with cold water in winters. By this, you must protect your hair from various Damages.

2. To dry your Hairs Use the wrong Towel

Normally we use the same towel to dry our body and hairs this is a very bad technique that pulls your hair out and causes so much damage as well as breakage of hairs. Also, do not use a normal terrycloth towel to dry your hairs because these are so much harsh and cause friction in your hairs. So, use the microfiber towel to wipe out your hairs which are very good for your hairs.

3. Extra use of Dry Shampoo

Extra use of Dry Shampoo

It is so true that everyone uses dry shampoo most in their daily routine, and this is very harmful to hairs. It dries your scalp as well as hairs and soak all the essential nutrients from the scalp and also cause dandruff to hairs.

4. Use the wrong pillow while sleeping

It is also a fact that the pillow also affects your hair and causes the damage and breakage of Hairs. The cotton pillows we normally use in daily routine can cause friction and frizz which cause the hair fall and damage to hairs.