5 Easy Hacks To Get Soft And Supple Lips This Summer

5 Easy Hacks To Get Soft And Supple Lips This Summer

It is good to see you here. This shows you’re very aware of lips and want to keep it soft and beautiful.

Summer days are annoying especially when it comes to caring for the skin. In summer temperature increases gradually and we have to abide it. Well, not to worry now. You can surely beat this summer and look beautiful as like winters. How?

Taking care of lips is important, but how it’s also crucial to understand. We all do a few mistakes unknowingly. Therefore, to keep yourself beautiful and free from damages just read this out and get to know how you can take care of lips.

Drink plenty of water

To keep skin and lips moisturized and hydrated all day long drinking water is vital. Due to dehydration, lips becomes dry and chapped sometimes quite painful. Drinking 8-9 glasses of water or more can be helpful to beat the heat.

You should also keep yourself hydrated with eating fresh fruits, juice, coconut water and water.

Give protection

For protecting skin from sun SPF is important, right? Why you forget lips protection? Lips also need SPF. Lips are soft and very sensitive because of little melanin. Must apply lip balm with SPF 30 to keep lips moist and protective form SPF. While going outside in sun exposure make sure you’ve covered your lips with a face too. Must apply lip balm after every 2 hours.

Do Exfoliate

As like skin and body Lips are very important so, always exfoliate your lips. You can apply lips exfoliate products or prepare method in a home with brown sugar and olive oil. This can remove damaged skin, it’s quite painful, but this is effective to get supple lips with no cracked skin.

Avoid lip gloss and matte products

Lip gloss and matte products are good to add sheen look, but they’re not good at all for protection and moisture. You can go to balm instead of gloss.

Eat healthy

To lead a healthy life and looking younger eating good and nutritious food is very important. They keep us healthy internally and protect us from damages. Nutritious food is the key to get glowing and beautiful skin forever.