5 Reasons to Avoid Botox Treatment

Botox treatment is quite popular to get instant solution for aging skin issues but nowadays researchers came out with its dangerous side effects that could be unsafe for your life as well.

Undoubtedly, every modern woman wants to look beautiful all day long and cosmetic treatments and injections mostly preferable, if you have enough power to afford.

Now, cosmetic treatments have gone. Why? Let us read about few reasons and side effects of Botox.

Reasons to avoid Botox

Give a weird look

We all believe Botox give us younger and beautiful skin, but it is not true. Injections are just to make your skin puffy and smoother. If this injectable in a wrong place or a little more or less, it will puffy your skin that looks weird. Well, you must hear celebrities used this too, so why you don’t? Let me clear they have the assistance of professional doctors and have money to afford them. What about you?

Give inexpressive face

To show someone how much you’re happy or sad your facial expressions play an important role so the other person can understand you easily. According to the University of Southern California, people are found inexpressive after Botox. They look arrogant and emotionless. Think about it!

Marks you older

If you go for Botox, this gives you one look for a long time. During the injectable process, the facial muscles affected badly that eventually take you to look older. This has been proved by the researchers. The celebrities who have opted this, they look younger but older more.

    4. Numerous side effects

The Botox treatment gives a number of side effects, in which some of them would be life threatening. The user can experience side effects as follows:

Double vision
Dry mouth & neck pain
Breathing trouble
Faster aging process
Decrease control over bladder
Change of voice & expressions

Faster your struggle

Botox only lead your skin to look older. This makes you addicted to using it after the intervals to keep your skin tight, smooth and younger. This requires a lot of attention to taking care of your skin with what to do or not and many more.

Final thought

Of course, many people are taking Botox today. But, we have natural beauty products too that have enough power to eliminate wrinkles and keep your skin healthier, younger and beautiful. If you need a solution, call the skin expert and go with only natural treatments that have no side effects.

If you’re in a business world that doesn’t mean you’re looking unprofessional. Just care about your skin, be confident and feel the best that way you’re.