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6 Common Make-Up Mistakes And Their Solutions

An enthusiastic beauty blogger could make you believe that wearing makeup is the easiest job on earth. Also, she would show how she does things in a one-minute time lapse video. But experts believe that people make more mistakes with makeup than doing things in the right manner.

Here’re some common mistakes

Common Make-Up Mistakes

1. Picking wrong shade of foundation

Expert Shagun Gupta highlights the most common mistake that is buying cheap concealer. It is needed for preparing the base. Also, she suggests that a foundation should be checked on face instead of inner arm. You should choose two shades close to your skin tone and apply those shades on cheeks. Now you can see which shade goes well. Similarly, a concealer should be chosen by try and test method.

2. Fairer look

Expert Anuj Dogra warns women about obsession with fairer look. Everyone wants to look fairer by wearing lighter shades but just applying the lighter shades on foundation isn’t the right way to get fairer look. The trick involves in hiding all dark circles and marks before laying the foundation with lighter tone. Also, the foundation shouldn’t be applied with hands but set with a tool.

3. Prepping skin with the right moisturizer

Prepping skin with the right moisturizer

Aging leaves skin dry but the real problem lies in not using the right moisturizer. Since a dry skin can’t hold makeup for a long time, you should first prep your skin with a perfect moisturizer like creams with thicker viscosity that allows makeup to glide smoothly and last longer. To make the right moisturizer, you can add 2-3 drops of essential oil to your regular lotion and apply it like a pack.

4. Kajal lined look

According to Shagun Gupta, women in India are obsessed with kajal because they think that it makes eyes look bigger but little do the women know that kajal actually makes eyes appear smaller especially the black one. She suggests using a white or nude eye pencil and apply on the waterline and not outside it.

5. Makeup in low light

Anuj Dogra warns women from doing makeup in low light conditions. Most women do makeup in bathroom or use a table where there isn’t enough light. For a make-up, you should have plenty of light falling on your face. It would help glow your face and see how the makeup is done. Gupta suggests a mix of white and yellow light for make-up.

6. Patch test for lipstick

Shagun Gupta suggests the similar face test for choosing lipstick. She aware women that colour of lips is different from the skin tone hence using patch test to choose lipstick won’t work. She suggests applying the lipstick directly on lips to check shades.

If you buy beauty products online then you should make an opinion on the products by reading reviews. Also, you can see videos of people using those products. It is learning by experience. Others can tell which shade would be better suited for which skin tone.