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8 Concealer Tips Every Woman Should Know

The best thing about concealer can hide all skin blemishes and counteract skin tone issues if you might have. This mostly uses to pelt dark circles and puffiness under eyes to leave a refreshing glow on your face.

This not just for counteract, but it also highlights certain areas of the face that you really want to sheen. It plays an important role in makeup and give the best finish that you really want.

Look out 8 amazing tips of concealer for the perfect look that you should start trying right now.

Don’t rub the concealer

For a better finish, it is really important how you would apply it on the face. Do not press or rub concealer. Use fingers and do patting and dabbing to blend it under the skin. This gives a proper finish.

Use primer before starting makeup

It is an important tip that every woman try now. Use a primer to give the smooth surface of the skin for makeup and applying various products for an exceptional finish.

Apply foundation first

Foundation is exceptional to hide blemishes almost. Therefore, applying foundation before concealer can be beneficial. You need to use less concealer and enjoy beautiful appearance.

Draw triangle for lifted face

Most of us use concealer under eyes in a round shape, resultant the appearance doesn’t look perfect. That’s only because using concealer in circle shape doesn’t smudge perfectly and look out. For lift up your skin, draw a triangle under eyes to cheek as it perfect for lifting up the skin and create an optical illusion.

Prime your eyelids first and a dab of concealer

To prevent eye shadow from falling off from lid just prime your eyes and dab of concealer. It gives a smooth surface and justifies your eyes makeup.

Use different color shades of concealers for skin problems

When it comes to enjoying a proper finish, it’s important to learn about types of concealer. To cancel out redness on skin yellow concealer would be perfect. Green concealer is perfect to remove acne and breakouts. Pink can be beneficial to remove dark spots and light skin color. Purple concealer can neutralize dull and undertone skin. Whereas peach is perfect to lighten dark circles and orange is for dark skin.

Give finish with loose powder

Loose powder can be good for setting down concealer under the skin and prevent creasing. It is one step further to even-out skin under eyes. Use a large fluffy brush and sweep loose powder over it.

Don’t choose a dark shade as compared to the foundation

While purchasing a concealer you have to make sure you’re choosing perfect concealer color and tone. You have to pick one shade lighter than your foundation. This will help to create a balance of skin tone and provide a perfect finish to your makeup.