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A Complete Guide on “Eyesight” Low Vision: Causes, Natural Treatments

In this modern era everything is now done on the computer and mobiles, therefore, the blue light which emerges through creates a low vision. Well, not only computers the age-related macular degeneration, diabetes, and glaucoma is responsible for the low vision. This may also result from brain injury, cancer and inherited disorders of the eye.

Few definitions of low vision by experts:

When the person has vision activity between 20/70 and 20/200.
The ratio of 20/70 describes the low vision.

Generally, low vision is a reason that is not correctable with the prescription eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, or even surgery. It is not a complete blindness. it is just a loss of vision where your retina doesn’t form the clear vision of far and near objects.

If you’re the person who is really frustrated with the low vision so, now you’ll be excited to know that here we are going to give you complete guidance on how you can treat your low vision with natural remedies and doing few changes in a lifestyle.

healthy vision tips

What are the causes of low vision?

Traumatic brain injury

This can be lost as the results of head injuries, brain damage, and stroke. It reduces visual acuity, vision, eye misalignment, glare, and confusion. It causes difficulty in reading, headaches, dizziness, and balance problems.

Macular degeneration

It is a disorder that affects the retina, light sensitivity at the back of the eye where images are focused. It causes Blurred vision, Deteriorate formation of object this may cause difficulty in reading and blind spot in the central area of vision.


It is a condition where visual system feels to develop normally during childhood. It creates a blurry vision that occurs one or both eyes, but it can not be treated by the normal glasses.

Retinal detachment

When the retina separates from its underlying layer called retinal detachment. It causes impaired vision which includes a hole in the retina, eye trauma, infection, and tumor.


It is a clouding part of all the lines inside the eye which interface when the light reaching on the retina at the back of the eye. It results in low vision that occurs usually after the age and long-term exposure in the UV rays.



It occurs when the optic nerve damaged. It generally occurs due to the increased internal pressure in the eye. When there is not enough blood flow to the optic nerve it creates glaucoma that Gives peripheral vision and difficulty in night vision especially.

Retinopathy of prematurity

It occurs in infants for premature babies it generally caused by the high oxygen levels during the critical neonatal period.


The person who is suffering from diabetes has to suffer from day to day changes in the vision that can cause by the blood vessels which nourishes the retina with abnormal balances. It can be treated by the laser treatment by regulating the blood sugar.

How you can treat the low vision?

According to the doctors, the treatments are vary between the type of low vision causes such as if you are a patient of cataract you have to go through surgery to remove the cloudy lens even if you have glaucoma you have to go with prescriptive eye drops and surgery.

If you’re the patient of normal low vision with no serious disorder you do not need to worry because the treatment of natural foods, exercises, changing lifestyle and much more can help you to improve your vision.

Well, the wearing of prescriptive glasses cannot improve the vision, but it can help you to see the far and near objects clearly.

If you really want to dramatically improve your eyesight you have to change your lifestyle by adding a rich amount of food and exercise routine that can improve your eyesight naturally and even give you a confident life.

Food items that can restore your eyesight

Most of the people believed that the low vision generally is the cause of age and strain occur in the eyes, but the major reason is people are not eating too well in the regular routine which is required for the full body functioning.  Therefore, we are going to introduce you with 11 nutrient-rich foods that boost your eye health.


It is one of the richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids which can improve your overall well being as well as vision. This includes tuna, trout, mackerel, sardines, herring and much more that are known to reverse dry eye and vision which lost due to much usage of a computer.


Nuts are also enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids that contain a high level of Vitamin E that can protect the eye from the age-related damages. You can also go for another type of high fiber ingredients search and walnuts cashews peanuts Brazil nuts and lentils.


The seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds are also high in Omega 3 fatty acid which is the which the source of vitamin E that can improve the vision.

Green vegetables

The green vegetables are enriched with lutein and zeaxanthin which and also the good resource of Vitamin C that known to improve eye vision and health. You can find these in spinach, kale, and collards.


Fruits recommended by every to octal to eat daily because they are enriched with Vitamin E Vitamin C and number of antioxidants that can fight with age-related items rich citrus food that you should eat in a daily life that could be lemons oranges and Grapefruits.

Sweet potatoes

These are engaged in Vitamin E and antioxidants that can prevent the free radical and also age-related damages. These are enriched with beta-carotene that can improve the vision.


It is a good ingredient that is linked to better your long-term eye health because it contains zinc that fights with macular degeneration and particularly improves the retina and vascular tissues in the retina. Chicken breast and pork loin are the best resources to get beef.


These are an excellent source of proteins, lutein, and zeaxanthin. This can reduce the age-related damaged with eyesight is also it is a good resource of Vitamin C, E, and Zinc.


Undoubtedly water is a way to treat and fight with all disorders in the body and it is a surprising element that adds hydration to your eyes and improves your eye vision drinking plenty of water in a day can prevent dehydration and reduce the dryness under the eyes.


Carrots are blended with vitamin A and better car route in it is essential in improving the reason and also a component of protein which helps the retina to absorb light and improve the eye health. It also provides nutrients to make vitamin A.


Corn is delicious to eat and loved by almost every generation. Corn contains lutein and Zeaxanthin that increase the antioxidants elements in the body to fight with free radicals. You must add corn into soups, normal eating and casseroles.

Few Ayurvedic tips which should add to improve the vision

Eat regular green vegetables especially the spinach
Eat carrots or drink carrot juice
Drink plenty of water
Do regular eye exercises
Spend less time on computers
Take less stress

Addition tips:


This is an Ayurvedic remedy that has the combination of three herbal fruits called (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). You have washed your eyes with this Triphala water.

How to use it?

Take Triphala fruits and make it powder. Take one glass of water and 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder into a glass and leave it overnight. After the next morning, you can wash your eyes with water. When you wash your eyes make sure that you have a fresh water in your mouth. Do this method on the regular basis once in a day, and you will see the noticeable improvements within a short time.


Undoubtedly in Ayurvedic medication, Amla is the most effective Herb that can treat the eye disorders and even other disorders. It is a rich source of vitamin C that can be good for the regular intake you just need to take Amla and make it as a powder.

How to use?

Take Amla powder and mix 1 tablespoon of the Powder in a glass of water with honey and drink it on a daily morning you can even take this Amla powder before sleeping.

Almonds and fennel seeds

Almonds and fennel seeds and both rich in protein vitamins and healthy blend that can be good for your eye vision.

How to use?

Take equal amount of almond and fennel seeds, sugar and make it a fine powder. Keep this powder in a glass vessel or in a plastic container. You have to do it for the complete 14 days you have to take this powder every night before sleeping by mixing it in a glass of water.

Healthy diet

Ayurveda always led emphasis on eating healthy and nutritious food because that plays an important role to have better eyesight. It is very important for the person he should take a balanced diet in terms of including vitamins, proteins, minerals, and so on. You should add fruits, vegetable, juice, and nuts, dry fruits, and so on to make your vision clear and strong.

Easy and impactful exercises that may help to restore the vision

To maintain the body fitness we do exercise so, why not? We should add a few eyes exercise as well in the regular routine that can prevent your eyes from certain disorders. These increase the productivity even these exercises can remove a regular headache and stress from your eyes.


You have to sit comfortably with open eyes. Blink 10 to 15 times quickly and then close the eyes and relax for 20 seconds. Repeat it 4-5 times in a day.


It is also an effective exercise where you have to zoom. Sit on the chair with your arm outspread and then your thumb up. Now that you aren’t gradually and draw at closer to your eyes thus zooming the thumb in focus.


Rub the palms of your hands until it warm intern please them gently on the eyelids. This relaxes the eye muscles. Repeat it 2-3 times.


This is about rotating your eyeballs from One Direction to another we just have to do is look at the rightward corner and then shift it correctly to the opposite direction this give relaxation to the muscles and make it more active and healthy with the sput of blood pumped.

Watch This Video for Vision Improvement

These exercises may be able to get rid of your glasses and improve your vision whether it is for near far and astigmatism.

Expert’s advice on improving eyesight

According to the experts, the best and one of the easy way to improve your eye vision is to eat healthy and nutritious fruits which are engaged with proper fatty acids, proteins, minerals that can support your eyes functioning.

Do regular exercise that can improve the blood circulation, drink plenty of water that can prevent your eyes from the dehydration even add some antioxidants food products in your regular diet that can increase the capability of your eyes to fight with free radicals and age-related macular degeneration.

If you are the patient of cataract or other serious eye disorder you must consult a doctor and take treatment for it.

Few tips:

Adjust the room lighting in a way that does not create a negative impact.
Improve the air quality that does not make your eyes dry.
Choose the right glasses according to your eye type
If you are the worker see you should enlarge the font size, contrast, and brightness for easy reading in browsing even you can go with the 20-20-20 rule.
Always go for the routine checkup
Quit your bad eating habits
Give your eyes complete rest
take enough sleep

Final words

Eyes are an important organ from you can see the world clearly and enjoy the beauty. Unfortunately, due to your poor habits of eating and poor Lifestyle affect your eye vision and you have to suffer from low vision that affects your lifestyle and giving you lots of stress. Right now, your duty is to improve your eye-sight where you should follow the above-listed food items and exercise that can improve the impaired vision and make you healthier throughout the life. Care your eyes and enjoy the life hassle-free!