Amazing Health Benefits Of Giloy

Giloy a.k.a. Amrita or Guduchi is an herb good for many diseases including diabetes. Its heart-shaped leaves taste bitter but are very helpful in controlling blood sugar level and weight management. Also, drinking fresh Giloy juice builds immunity.

Advantages of Giloy for different ailments


Giloy has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties that make it suitable for treating dengue fever. Also, Giloy juice builds immunity by increasing platelet counts. 

Fever control

The anti-inflammatory and antipyretic Giloy is the best medicine for building body’s defense against infections. It also helps fight foreign bodies and thus promises early recovery.

Hay Fever

Giloy reduces the allergic symptoms of hay fever like sneezing, nasal discharge and itching and obstruction in nasal area. Also, it increases leukocyte counts to fight the infection.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1&2

Giloy helps in controlling blood sugar level and its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties reduce diabetes related complications like ulcers, wounds and kidney damage.

Liver disease

Guduchi Satwa can cure liver damage due to an overdose of alcohol. An Ayurvedic formulation from Giloy, Guduchi Satwa can reduce total cholesterol level in liver. Also, it increases level of antioxidant enzymes that reduce damage by free radicals. 

Cancer treatment

Giloy contains anti-proliferative properties. It has rutin and quercetin compounds that can restrict cell proliferation due to breast cancer. It can induce cell death in cancerous cells by changing expression of apoptotic genes.

High Cholesterol

Giloy improves metabolism and eliminates toxins responsible for high cholesterol level in body. 

Gout repair

Giloy juice is also helpful in repairing gouty arthritis due to its balancing properties.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Giloy has anti-inflammatory properties that help in pain management. It inhibits development of pro-inflammatory cytokines that increase inflammation. 

Diarrhea management

Giloy can help in curing indigestion, hyperacidity and flatulence that causes diarrhea. 

Precautions with Giloy

Giloy could trigger metabolism leading to development of autoimmune problems. Also, diabetes patients need to be careful as Giloy can fluctuate blood sugar levels. Also, women expecting pregnancy should avoid Giloy.

How to take Giloy?

Giloy is available in juice, tablet, capsule and powder. Also, you can make Giloy powder and juice at home. Make a paste of Giloy and add honey or rose water to it. Then apply it on wounds for quick healing. This herbal paste can also be used as shampoo to control hair loss. Boil Giloy leaves and allow the water to cool down. Then apply the water to eyelids to cure eye problems like burning sensation and redness.