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Anil Kapoor Ageless Secret at 60 Out Now- Don’t Forget, Must Read!

Who doesn’t want to know the ageless secret of Anil Kapoor? The Bollywood industry also wants to know, how he manages his fitness even in his 60+ age. For all men’s this page, reading is going to very interesting, because you are one step closer for making yourself younger, no matter what your age is.

Perhaps some of you think about yoga and exercise. And some may even think of surgery or enhancements products. But you will be glad to know none of your choice matches with his younger regime. In his recent interview, finally Anil Kapoor talked about his younger-looking secret and that is South Indian food.

Anil Kapoor Ageless Secret at 60 Out

Yes! South Indian Food. I tell you why?

South Indian food is good for health. Kavita Devgun, Shalini Singhal and Ankita Gupta are top dieticians also accept south Indian food are fermented. Therefore it becomes super healthy and delicious as well. Moreover, the south Indian food is easy to digest, high in nutrition value, and fights with a bad gut system.

If we talk about today time and food eating habits of youth and adults, you know how much spicy and junk food they eat rather taking vegetables and healthy home-made food.

Fermented food and coconut oil benefits

Fermented food and coconut oil benefits

In South Indian food every Cusine undergoes a fermentation process that includes high nutrition value to food and becomes super healthy when it cooked in coconut oil. We all know coconut oil is full of benefits. It is perfect for skin, joints, and hair as well.

So, we can say that south Indian food can be the best way to look younger and stay energetic throughout the day, Kavita said.

Another dietician Shalini said, I also perfect south Indian food and Anil’s agelessness secret. She mentioned, south Indian food packed with great protein which works wonder for the body in keeping fit and healthy. Also, this improves the immune system and gut health.

She said, the food like Idli, dosa, sambar, vada are generally best in protein quality that makes your body superior and enough healthy.

Now, maybe you are wandering. You also eat dosa and idli, but doesn’t look like Anil Kapoor?

You know why?

We eat south Indian food just for taste and making our tongue happy by adding the extra masala.

If you want to reap healthy and good benefits of south Indian food, prepare your food in Coconut oil and follow the complete fermented process of making south Indian food.