Beware from these Toxic ingredients in Moisturizer

We are very careful what to eat these days and always check what goes into our food supply for our good health. In this way, we also keep checking on our personal care and cosmetic products. As the same to saw your food labels to check the food is riches with which ingredients, you also look for your beauty products.

The beauty products available in the market have thousands of chemicals in it. Some of these chemicals which are being absorbed into the body are very toxic and harmful for our health. Some synthetic chemicals lead to serious health problems down the line.

Most Toxic ingredients you must avoid to use

Toxic ingredients in Moisturizer

1. Mineral Oil

– Mineral oil is commonly used in every cosmetic product for many years ago, but you must avoid these because it leads to dangerous organ toxicity and cancer. These harmful substances are also called pore-clogging agent which causes many skin issues and breakouts.

Replacement option- Instead of this harmful mineral oil, you must use grapeseed oil to moisture your skin because it gives the same nourishment to the skin without any Dangerous effect.

2. Paraben

– All of you thought that these are widely used chemical compounds that forbid the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria in skincare products but instead of this they also contain estrogen-mimicking properties that cause the ever-dangerous disease Breast Cancer. They absorbed by the body and cause breast tumors. They are mostly found in deodorants, body washes, facial cleansers, shampoos, and makeup.


Replacement option– as the expert’s advice, we must use sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol with potassium sorbate because these are very safe for our body.

3. Synthetic colors

– if you saw you bought hair color label and saw FD&C or D&C this shows that they are artificial colors. These are very harmful to skin and cause many skin irritation and problems. Especially these are dangerous for children who use it.

Replacement option- An easy alternative for these is you must dye your hairs with the Natural colors made from plants and natural resources which are safe to our skin and do not cause any skin issues.