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Cyn Santana Reaction to Watching Her Scene With Joe Budden

The uproarious feedback came out from Cyn’s watching her Scene with Joe Budden

Cyn Santana is a famous American model which is known for her $exy curves, charming personality and her way to charm the other peoples is just awesome. She got the recognition due to her pictures posted on social media such as Twitter and Instagram.

She marked her performance not only a model she is also known for her singing, video-humourist and a designer.  Nowadays, the most popular TV show Love& Hip Hop Cyn Santana and Joe Budden are the most talkative couple.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop, for the first time, Cyn Santana watches her attempts to seduce Joe Budden and sis is weak from laughter. For starters, Cyn makes it clear that she’s always at Joe’s live State of the Culture podcast shows but felt the need to ask a question that particular day.

When Cyn watches her video to seduce Joe she laughs and said, she knows she is in a podcast, but at that time she felt to ask something.

Love & Hip Hop New York

We agree with Jonathan when he says, “they’re literally the best and cutest couple”. Well, cuteness aside, “Cyn still stands and how she feels about her $exual dry-spell.” “You aren’t gotta do s-t but show up with some d-k”. Cyn jokingly, says “again” while passing the deadass dude on the ride. Cyn tells the delaying cyclist, knowing that if she asked anyone, you want to F—k?

I got all the aunties in my DMs talkin bout I have no self respect. I just want some lovin 😫😫😫😫😫

— Cyn Santana (@Cyn_Santana) November 27, 2018

She’d have an entire line of people around the block. Jonathan thinks Joe should just get his furrow back which is real fact because how can he not?

Has he noticed Cyn Mcthickums Santana left?

For the meantime, Joe Budden has a decent opinion when he told his song would be more contentious for Dyckman, “jaquae knows”.

He says, when you say few things in song lyrics, “OH! OKAY! By peoples”

He necessity be almost that life so we going to test it! “Joe is correct.”

Checking out the video shortly, “Joe was completely right” According to Cyn Santana.

Well, no get back to what I was saying previous last night, tweeted by Cyn Santana.