Deepika Padukone Flaunts Here New Look In Short Haircut And Black Gown

The new selfie of Deepika Padukone is hard to miss. After years of having long hair and flaunting luscious long looks, the actress put on a short haircut for the selfie that took the entire community by surprise.

Also, the 33-year old actress was quick to upload her new look on Instagram to share her pic and captioned it “Tadaaaa” to attraction attention of her fans and the online community.

Deepika’s latest look

Deepika Padukone Flaunts Here New Look

It has garnered lots of likes and comments from millions of fans spread across the globe. She went with shoulder-length haircut with golden and brown highlights for the selfie. But what is more exciting is that she also flaunted the new haircut at the red carpet. She’s spotted at an event and the actress look as gorgeous as ever in her black gown and golden haircut.

Deepika’s gown

Deepika’s gown

It is a off-shoulder gown with a bodycon fit. Also, it has cape detailing on the one side. Deepika revealed her new hairdo with this gorgeous gown styled by Shaleena Nathani. With this gown, she decided to wear textured waves to flaunt her new hairstyle. An Australian-based fashion designer, Alex Perry, developed Deepika’s DP in the black gown.

Response to Deepika’s new look

Within a short time of posting her new look, the social media community became crazy about her new sexy look. She looks much younger than she is in her new look and that is what the social media community is talking about.