Derrick Rose is a Champion Reborn

Derrick Rose played like a MVP in the Wednesday match between Minnesota Timber wolves and the Utah Jazz. His 50 point score made the Wolves get hold of the match by 128-125 points. It was a big-big win for Rose who has been struggling to get back into the form for a long time.

Rise and fall of Derrick Rose

It was very difficult for Rose to hold back his happiness that was rolling down his eyes in the form of tears. He became a MVP in 2011 when he scored 44 points with the Bulls but the following years weren’t good for his sports career.

derrick roseHis stint with the Chicago Bulls finished on a poor note; New York Knicks was a disappointment and joining the star studded team of Cleveland Cavaliers ended in trading. Finally he signed Minnesota Timberwolves to prover that a superhero is always a superhero.

Derrick Rose’s 50 points

Rose was on the field for 41 minutes and leading the team as floor general as the team was already down two starters including Jimmy Butler. He scored 35 points in the first half and 14 points in the fourth quarter. The point guard scored 19 of 31 points from field and hit four 3-pointers. But his best shot was a corner that gave him 44 points and also tied the game. He played like a star and also received a starry welcome by the fans and fellow players.

For the 41 minutes that Derrick Rose was on the field, he displayed the characteristics of an elite player – Rose was the top pick in 2008 NBA draft. He was scoring points from field and the contesting players were like mute spectators to his moves. It was really a great game by Rose. He provided the Wolves a three-point cushion with still 13.8 seconds left in the game.

Why Minnesota Timberwolves hired Derrick Rose? 

At the time of signing, it was like a pity by a former coach for his star player but the move proved to be a blessing for the Wolves. No-one was expecting Rose that has been going through the most difficult phase of his life to catapult to the MVP status again after 7 long years. His 50 point was the fourth-highest point scored by an NBA player this season. He was welcomed with the chants of MVP-MVP by the audience and team members. It was really a big day for Derrick Rose.