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Diane Kruger Diet Plan and Workout Routine Which Makes her Healthy

Actress Diane Kruger has a remarkable beauty that just impossible to resists. She began her career as a model but she ultimately discovered her passion for acting. In starting, she appears in a few French movies then she went to Hollywood.

She is one of our beauty icon having the enviable physique. She admires us to look fit and beautiful.

Here, we share some secrets of her amazing body:

Diet secret of Diane’s Kruger

Diet secret of Diane’s Kruger

She is not diet conscious and enjoys every type of food. Her food always contains nutrients and protein. She reveals that cheese, wine, and butter are her biggest weakness and very difficult in giving them up.

• Her breakfast always includes avocado, poached egg on multi-grain bread, and a cup of coffee.

• Then she takes salmon with rice at lunch.

• For dinner, she like chicken or veal with veggies and red wine.

• She prefers some snacks in between meals as she opts for nuts and fruits.

Workout schedule of Diane Kruger:-

Workout schedule of Diane Kruger

Recently, she started a journey of motherhood. After the 4 months of her delivery, she gets her toned and fit body back. Maintaining an active lifestyle and resolve to exercise and workout goals after giving birth are inspiring. She is also a good dancer and love to do ballroom dancing.

Instead of her hectic schedule, she invests her time in exercise. She mostly enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and cycling that keep her energetic on the whole day. Although she is not so gym freak she uses to do some of her favourite workouts like cardio, weight lifting, and squats to stay fit and toned.