Drink Shilajit Black Tea Every Morning

Shilajit is an exudate from high mountain rocks of Himalayas and other high mountain ranges of the world including Russia and Mongolia where it is called Andean Shilajit. 

It is like a gummy substance formed by the gradual decomposition of plants for centuries and it contains more than 84 minerals and various acids including fulvic and humic. Shilajit has been used improving sexual power but it is also good for controlling fatigue and improving memory.

Advantages of Shilajit for different ailments

Fatigue control

Body gets energy from cells and fatigue occurs when cells don’t produce energy due to low function of mitochondria. Shilajit has fulvic and humic acds that trigger mitochondria and, in this way, help cells generate quick energy. It is for this reason that Shilajit is used as revitalizer. 

Alzheimer’s disease

Shilajit can be helpful in controlling development of Alzheimer’s disease as fulvic acid can slow down formation of amyloid plaques responsible for the disease. The amyloid plaques form due to an increase in amyloid beta protein. But fulvic acid can retard formation of plaques.

Respiratory tract infection

Shilajit can work like a medicine for children suffering from respiratory tract infection caused by HRSV virus. Shilajit has antiviral properties that make it suitable for curing viral infection. 

Cancer treatment

Chemotherapy is essential for treating cancer but the therapy generates free radicals that can destroy normal cells surrounding the tumors cells. The therapy cures cancer but at the same time makes the treatment difficult for patients. Shilajit can make the treatment less painful by destroying the free radicals. 

Treating heavy metal toxicity

Shilajit can detoxify the body by absorbing heavy metal buildup. The fulvic and humic acids can absorb lead and mercury and remove those metals from body in a safe manner.

Hypoxia treatment

Hypoxia is a condition where body receives lesser oxygen due to inadequate supply of blood to cells. Shilajit can cure this problem with fulvic acid that can enhance increase the amount of blood and supply of oxygen to the cells.

Precautions with Shilajit

People suffering from immunological disorders like multiple sclerosis need to be careful as Shilajit can over-activate the immune system. Also, it can uric acid level, lower glucose level in blood and cause burning sensation in stomach. Women expecting pregnancies and breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking Shilajit.

How to take Shilajit?

Shilajit comes in powder, tablet and capsule form for quick consumption. Also, you can make Shilajit black tea by mixing 2 pinches of Shilajit powder with your regular tea.