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Dry Brushing: The Secret of Healthy and Glowing Skin

Dry Brushing is used to remove all the dead cells off your body. This give you softer and brighten skin. The benefits list of dry Brushing is very long such as it improves circulation, makes your skin glowing, toss out toxins, etc. In facts, some celebrities are a fan of this beauty treatment.

So, here we have shared some facts of Dry Brushing and how to use it.

How to use it?

• First, you should start it at your ankles and gently brush your body with some care in a circular motion towards your heart.

• You should continue your Brushing and while you reach your stomach you should brush your tummy in a counter clockwise direction.

• Now while reaching your back and arms you must brush towards your heart.

• Then take a bath and rinse off. Now apply body moisturizer on your body.

Note- You don’t use dry Brushing on your face.

Dry Brushing The secret of healthy and Glowing Skin

Advantages of dry Brushing

• Exfoliates- Soft dry Brushing peel all the dead cells from your skin and make your body feel better

• Increases Circulation- In general we can say that anything that restorative the crest of the skin will increase the blood circulation. So it may also help to improve circulation.

• Get Rid of Cellulite- There is no particular treatment of cellulite But with the dry Brushing, you can help you to get rid of all this.

So, this is a very smooth and glowing skin treatment with such good Benefits, will you try it?