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Easy & smart beauty hacks for glowing skin in winters

Winters are on the peak. The cold breeze, sunny days, and foggy nights will not spare anyone. This mainly affects your skin that naturally turns your skin’s moisture and hydration. Resultant, this gives patchy and dull skin that drastically reduce the glow of your skin.

Well, everyone loves winters, but when it comes to meet with patchy skin and dull appearance. No one wants winters should come. But, no one-stop this. So, for keeping your skin glowing and healthy we have shared some perfect beauty hacks that ensure your skin remains to look glowing and beautiful.

5 Smart beauty hacks for winters

beauty hacks for glowing skin in winters

1. Put lip-balm in your pocket

Lips are delicate parts of the skin that affects quickly in winters. Dry and chapped lips look disgraceful but cause pain too. To avoid such conditions, you need to moist your lips by putting good lip balm after every hour. You can choose a flavor from the market for lip color and moisture both. You can even go for tinted lip balms.

2. Moisturizers


Today, the market is full of BB & CC cream with a moisturizer that offers complete makeup finish. You can use it at the place of foundation. This not only nourishes your skin but also give even skin tone for a long time.

3. Use sponges

If you are a person who uses fingers instead of sponges for makeup finish then do avoid it.

In winters, fingers are too dry and this causes difficulty in blending makeup. Use a sponge for a better finish and glow.

4. Avoid compact

Well, the compact is one that women don’t forget. But in winter you should. To get a better finish you can go with a face-mist. A few little drops of face mist keep your skin free from dryness.

5. Pick oil-based foundation

If you are a person who needs a foundation only, then pick the oil-based foundation. With these, your skin locks in moisture and gives you a smooth finish.