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Emma Stone Revealed Her Beauty Secrets That Make Her Gorgeous All The Time

Enma stone is one of the finest actors in the Hollywood industry and for her acting skills and performances. She is one of the highest paid actresses.She is popular for her rules in films including” the help”, crazy, Stupid Love and The Amazing” Spider-Man” and “Birdman.”

In a recent interview she reveals her beauty secrets that are really going to helpful for you.

Emma is allergic to a lot of stuff that’s why she uses only limited products that are natural for gentle skin care.

Beauty Secret

She uses Burt’s Bees cleanser and baking soda or brown sugar for exfoliating.

I love to do the experiment. I use coconut oil, joise Marin Argan oil, and olive oil on my face for a smell like focaccia, “she says.”

She revealed the moisturizing importance for the skin because of her dry skin. It prevents the skin from dryness and even prevents early aging.  She puts Concealer to hide dryness.

Makeup Secrets

For eye makeup, she uses an eyeshadow and brush to fill eyebrows. She puts mascara most of the days with little makeup every day.

Her favorite brand for lashes is Revlon’s lash potion by growing luscious. She says,” it is a magic and I put it on both eyes.”

For skin protection, she always wears Elita MD SPF 45 and for hydration, she puts natural oil.

For fragrance she wears A La Nuit From surge Lutens, it’s a jasmine fragrance.

sexy emma stone

For lip shade, she loves to wear red for the parties, but in everyday life, she goes for the lip color. She likes Revlon Lip Crayons to add softness, smooth and creamy texture.

To add plump and firm in her lips she uses Tony Moly’s Kiss Lovely lip patch. It leaves hydration and smoothness that completed her beauty.

Fitness Secrets

To keeping her fit and $exy she does workout daily and avoids to eat gluten, soy, and fast food.

These are the simple secrets and beauty products which she applies in her daily life to look ravishing.