Eva Mendes Shares Simple Beauty & Fitness Secrets

Eva Mendes shares her two simple beauty & fitness secrets that keep her glowing and damm hot

Eva Mendes is an American actress, model, and mother. She is the successful head of a fashion line, The Eva Mendes collection at New York & company and a beauty brand, “Circa.”

She is a fun loving person, therefore, she spends her most of the time with her daughters.

Eva says, “instead of hitting red carpet I would rather be with my girls.”

The actress is in 48 age and she is looking hot, glowing with her face and hot by a figure.

The coconut oil, drinking plenty of water and doing a regular workout is her strong beauty and beautiful skin secrets.

She always spends her one hour to improve her Wellness and tries to eat clean and fresh. Even she does not quit her favorite dishes to eat.

She says that her favorite dish is “black bean” which made by her mother. She also eats, Cadbury eggs, with the filling of small one into a big one.

The Actress and the mother of two daughters always go for the natural remedies like Omega 3 fatty acids and coconut oil for Radiant skin. Even she drink plenty of water in a day to keep her skin hydrated.

In addition to this her everyday makeup she always wears light makeup such as a little eyeliner, lip liner and balm and, some concealer. If she wants to get ready for the party she puts complete makeup.

eva mendes party look

She shares, for getting ready for the parties,” I take 45 minutes because I go very slowly.”

She says, doing makeup and getting ready is really romantic, hence I take time.

She also Revealed she always adopt a few makeup tricks to make her face more presentable and beautiful.

She put makeup according to her face shape because,” I have a long face and my makeup artist taught me to jab blush athwart one cheek over lightly over the nose then over the cheek to help Division the length a bit.

Another tip by my artist to add some pop up to lips. Add some brightness to my Cupid’s bow right above your lips by putting a little bit of highlighter.

She always believe in doing one workout in intervals like running and Sprinting. She go for 30 or 45 minutes of cardio and use the treadmill. After the interval, she lift up weights and go for the workout like squats and lunges.

After her second daughter she never sit down and move all the day to keep her slim and even she avoid junk food to eat, “she says”

She usually starts her day by adding protein by eating eggs that is quite simple to make and cutting down the cravings throughout the day. For lunch, she usually has Salmon and rice and tries to include salad in it.

For dinner her habit is to eat that food which gives fuel for the body. She goes for salad, rice, and beans.

For her sweets are the thing which she is ongoing and manage her cravings constantly. She supports her sugar habit by saying No, No, but she takes a little intake of sugar after lunch.

eva mendes