$ex Education Netflix Movie Review

$ex Education: Complete Education on Teenage $ex in Eight Episodes

$ex Education is an erotic TV series of 8 episodes on Netflix. As the name suggests, the series is about education on $ex and all this activity has to give. It highlights the different aspects of $ex for different people in the teenage group. The first episode introduces a shy child Otis of class sixth of a renowned school.


Otis Milburn is the son of a $ex therapist Dr. Jean F. Milburn but he feels his mother’s job embarrassing. In the first episode, Otis is struggling to masturbate for self-satisfaction but unable. It is the start of $ex education of a teenager. From here, he moves on making a close group and starting giving $ex therapy in school. The members of the $ex therapy group look for clients who need education on how to perform $ex and achieve full body orgasm. In the final episode Otis is seen masturbating and enjoying this act of self-satisfaction.

Highlights of the TV series 

$ex education starts at an early age
Couples discuss their problems with $ex
Readymade solutions are provided for $ex problems
The series presents $ex as a necessary act
A perfect blend of $ex in school life

$ex Education First Look & Poster 

sex education netflix movie

The colorful poster has the teenagers Asa Butterfield as Otis standing on far right, NcutiGatwa as Eric Effiong standing far let and Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley sitting in the background. 

Why watch the series? 

$ex education is provided in a story where the son of a $ex therapist is seen struggling with his $ex life. But he isn’t alone as many of his classmates share similar problem.


Shooting took place in Newport, South Wales
Netflix involved an intimacy coordinator to make the actors comfortable
Connor Swindles and Aimee Lou Wood are in a relationship
Gillian Anderson also played a therapist in TV series Hannibal