Get Gorgeous & $exy Lip Shades to Add Charisma To Your Personality

Tell me first, which thing is really attractive and adds $ex appeal in women’s? Undoubtedly, lips!

To attract your boyfriend the most successful trick is to wear $exy lip shade that makes you more noticeable and attractive, right? So why not? You should add new gorgeous and $exy lip shades to play more smartly in the bedroom. Don’t you think it’s time to switch your old fashioned-shades (that your husband already knows) with Peripera airy velvet lip tint?

If you’re searching for the best lip shades, so dear you are on the right webpage. Here, we will talk about stunning lip tints that are well-known and loved by almost 98% ladies and girls.

What Is Peripera Airy Velvet Lip Tint?

Peripera is a gorgeous and weightless lip tint. This is now available on airy velvet lip shades that add full and glamorous look to your lips and provide comfort and long-lasting effect. It is a soft formula which offers you smooth and stunning lip color in a matte finish. It never dries out and the best feature is it gives natural look to your lips. It is available for almost all the skin tones that can easily wear by all the ladies even it can be used for the skin as well, but it depends upon the skin tone.

It is a weightless tint that gently gives your lips $exy look, hence you will feel more confident about your personality. It is better than other brands because it gives long lasting effect without dryness and I am sure you will it.

Is it safe for use?

It is 100% safe and easy to use because it includes only natural ingredients that is known to give your lips smooth and Matte finish look without any problem. The components may be different according to the type of shade but most of the ingredients are dimethocone, polyglycerol triisosterate, ferric oxide, red 28, fragrance, camellia sinesis seed oil, mango seed oil, and much more.

How to wear?

If you want to get its proper texture so you have to use it properly so just follow the steps given below:

Make sure your lips are cleaned before applying this application
Glide applicator on the lips from bottom to center
If you need more you can use it
After that blend, this shared with your finger for greeting and Radian look on and bold appearance
Leave it for 5 minutes to dry
If you want to use a blush your cheek can apply some dots on your cheek and use your finger to blend a formula

Key Advantages:

It gives velvety look to your lips
It gives smooth and $exy texture
Available in 10 shades
No dryness
Suitable for all skin tones

Customer reviews

Most of the ladies are completely satisfied with this product because they all are getting $exy, soft and gorgeous lips. Now, it is your turn to feel $exier. Order your best shade fast!

Where should I buy Peripera airy velvet lip tint?

If you want to order this that you can go to the Amazon or other beauty Store online. It is now available on $8 so you have an opportunity to save up to $1.