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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters: It Is Big On Budget; Monster Size; Star Cast; Story & The Action

Godzilla: King of the Monsters features a big lizard that is radioactively mutated descends upon the earth and lands on the New York City. The US Army finds it very difficult to calculate its strength from its enormous size but they have to find a way to crush this enemy that seems to be determined to wipe out the humanity from the earth.


The news of a large lizard descending on New York City spreads like wildfire but the members of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch know that it is the mighty Godzilla. Soon the mystery unfolds when Godzilla starts colliding with the other creatures – Mothra, Rodan and the three-headed king Ghidorah. These ancient species are back and vying for supremacy over the earth. The situation becomes unfavourable for human existence but it is never too late to act. Would the US Army be able to ward off the danger?

Highlights of the movie

It is $200 million movie
Millie Bobby Brown is debuting with this action movie
The sequel is bigger and better than Godzilla
The 521-feet King Godzilla is made 128 feet taller than the Godzilla
The early reviews of the movie are highly positive

Godzilla: King of the Monsters First Look & Poster

The poster has the monster lizard creeping out of ocean with a high beam of light coming out from its mouth. The light cuts across the space to reach an unknown destination. The poster wears a scary darker blue look. The bubbles in the water show rise of the monster.

Why watch the movie?

The movie has many highlights that will encourage the viewers to buy tickets to its shows.

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First Godzilla movie to receive a sequel
It is 33rd movie in Godzilla franchise
Originally Gareth Edwards was the director of the movie
The Godzilla in the movie is much bigger than the Godzilla of 2014 movie