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India’s Most Wanted Movie Review

India’s Most Wanted: Arjun Kapoor Is Left Alone To Push The Movie Through The Box Office

India’s Most Wanted is another crime thriller by Raj Kumar Gupta who made movies on real life stories like No One Killed Jessica. The movie revolves around the unsung heroes who apprehended the Osama Bin Laden of India without any coercion. It was a secret mission that went successful without causing any ripples in political circles. But the UAE Censor Board withheld release of the movie.


Prabhat Kapoor (Arjun Kapoor), is an IB sleuth on a special duty. Tasked with the job of arresting a dreaded terrorist, Prabhat Kapoor is out on the hunt of that terrorist. He has a team of five sleuths including Prabhat Kapoor. And their job is to arrest the terrorist without using any force. The mission is kept secret so that the extremist doesn’t get a hint of his arrest and falls into the trap laid by the IB sleuths. The movie is 123 minutes of cat-and-mouse chase resulting in arrest of the terrorist.

Highlights of the movie

It is inspired by a real-life story
The terrorist being chased by the IB sleuths is Yasin Bhatkal
The movie has no-fights, no-guns and only guts
There is no female lead character in the movie


There is a controversy with the movie. UAE Censor Board has objections to certain dialogues where the Gulf is called the hub of terrorist activities. The movie isn’t releasing in UAE

India’s Most Wanted First Look & Poster

The Wikipedia poster has got a bookish look with the name of the movie featuring on top right. Also, a short description about the movie is provided under the name. The poster looks like a wall with movie name and description painted on it. The lead characters are shown standing on a stair attached to the wall.

Why watch the movie?

It is a real-life story of unsung heroes of IB that tracked and apprehended a dreaded terrorist.

Watch the movie trailer here


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