Jeff Bezos Knockout Bill Gates From The Title Of “richest Man On Earth”

In modern history, Jeff Bezos is the new richest man on the earth. His net worth is approximately $156 Billion which makes Bezos the fortunate man with immense wealth. He Switches the place with Bill Gates and become the richest person.

Amazon is the main Origen of Jeff’s massive wealth. He established the Business in 1994, and now in 2019, he is the biggest stockholder and CEO withholding a 16% stake in the firm. Whenever the price of Amazon stock increases, it also affects the leader’s wealth in a Good Way. While Amazon recently increased his stock price with 97,000%

Background of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is not only the richest man on earth that he is also the largest landowner in his country. He has a Biggest home with a 5.3-acre area in Medina, Washington which worth is $25 million. He also owns a townhouse in Washington worth $23 million with neighbour Obama and Ivanka Trump.

Except for all his investments and home, he also has a Gulfstream jet of $65 million.

Jeff Bezos as a person

Instead of a millionaire, he is very kind-hearted and the great man. He often loves to donate some money to the needful organizations like Mary’s place, which is an organization for unsettled homeless people. He also personally invests in Uber, Google, Airbnb and more to gain more profit. As also his almost family fund goes to several education projects and many other. He also made an individual donation to a Seattle museum of industry and history. 

Mackenzie, his wife also donate $33 million dollar fund to the organization which is working for the upgrade of college entrance for the young youth of united states, the foundation name is The Dream, US. These donations are issued college scholarships to 1,500 high schools.