Julianne Moore Fitness regime for a youthful look

Julianne Moore Fitness regime for a youthful look

A hot, Children’s author and super-talented actress, Julianne Moore no need an introduction. She is very popular in the Hollywood film industry as well as worldwide. She started her career in the 90s and she was nominated four times for Oscar for her powerful roles.

The movies such as some of the Heaven, The end of the Affair, Boogie Nights and more are films that made her career. Recently, she appeared in the movie, Non-Stop. It was a thrilling movie and she looked awesome with her divine beauty and hot figure.

She was the victim of depression, Insomnia, and myriad ailments. To her life back, Julianne shared how she does hard work to maintain her body and mind calm. She takes acupressure for relief in body and brain. To maintain a healthy lifestyle. To attain her figure and calming state of mind she follows the following diet and workout regime. Take a look.

Julianne’s Workout regime

Julianne has been dedicated for her workout since her younger days. The mom of two children stills hold hot body and the entire credit goes to her hard work. She does yoga for a flexible and safe body.

She does yoga three times a week. She also does various exercises to maintain lean muscles. She always tries new challenges in a workout to improve her strength.

Julianne’s Diet Plan

She always eats healthy and nutritious that keep her body PH and nutrition level balanced. She allows her children to prefer to eat healthily. She generally focuses on eating eggs, fish, green veggies, fruits and more. She keeps herself away from sugar and dairy products.

For her skin, she drinks plenty of water, juice and coconut water. To get rid of body toxins she performs detoxification with a juice diet program.

She said, her secret for a lean body and flawless skin is regulated diet consumed by her.