Katy perry Workout and Diet routine

Well-known pop artist, actress, and businesswoman Katy perry born on October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara (California). Her original name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She won so many awards for her hit and super music including Grammy Awards.

Instead of talent, she is also very popular for her good looks and $exy body.

Diet plan of Katy perry

She is found of fresh juice and coconut water for hydrating her body.
She usually takes vitamin supplements with every meal and her lunch always comprises of grilled chicken and soup.
She loves to eat quinoa and veggies salad with grilled asparagus in dinner.

The workout routine of Katy perry for her well-shaped figure

Katy Perry is not so much gym lover, but she takes her workout seriously to maintain her body shape and stay slim, no matter how busy she is. Her workout routine includes-

5-10 mins Cardio warm-up like running and cycling
Upper and lower body circuit, 4×20 with no rest between them
4×20 core sets without rest and walks 10,000 steps a day

Monday workout routine

Dumbbell bench press: 4×20
Bicep curls: 4×20
Dumbbell tap squats: 4×20
Upper body crunches: 4×20
Mountain climbers: 4×20(Abs circuit)
Cardio cool down: 1×5

Tuesday Routine

Dumbbell chest fly: 4×20
single- arm Dumbbell rows: 4×20
Triceps extensions: 4×20(after 60 sec repeat each)
Deadlift: 4×20
Forearm plank: 4×20
side plank with a pulse: 4×20(abs circuit)

Wednesday Routine

Dumbbell bench press: 4×20
Dumbbell pullover: 4×20
Bicep curls:4×20
Dumbbell lunges: 4×20
jump squats:4×20
Reverse crunches:4×20
Abdominal Twists: 4×20

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