Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley Health Tips, Diet Plan &Beauty Secrets

Keira Knightley is a popular English actress who known for her acting talent and yes for beauty too.  She has revived numerous nominations and awards in her career. Also, she was nominated for Academy award for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Keira has a stunning look and figure. She is anastounding actress since from 7 years of her age. She is blessed with slender body since her childhood.  You might be shocked to know, Keira put on her weight to look $exier because the doctor recommended her stops exercising and eat well to attain size 12.

Keira Anxiety Therapy

Keira is very open and recently she talked about anxiety therapy and her changing attitude while speaking to Elle US. She said, I was the one who had body issues. And it’s quite normal when you in the twenties and looked at the mirror and thought your legs, arms and belly are worse than others.

She said, to avoid such anxiety issues, I prefer to do anxiety therapy that helped to keep me fresh and confident. She also requested to all woman to go for anxiety therapy if they really want to lead life otherwise these issues indulge your inner peace.

Keira Diet plan

It’s hard to believe Keira is a foody person. She esteems food and can’t live without eating her favourite food.  However, she takes care of what she eats and divides her meal six times a day.

She eats food only when she feels hungry so this nourishes the body and feels energetic. She eats all type of food by marinating meals.

Keira Fitness

Keira generally derisions gym. She feels bored in the gym and does fewer exercises. The funniest thing she told us about the gym routine. She goes to the gym to drink cucumber water and returned home. She just hates the gym and feels lethargic while others doing gym.

Apart from it, she does some exercises to keep her fit advisable by her gym trainer. She spent her half an hour to do the workout. She does a yoga posture.

She does cardio to ensure good heart health, get relief from stress, keeping her fit. She also does boxing, weightlifting, fighting and more.

Beauty tips by Keira

She said, if a woman want to look healthy and beautiful they need to do anxiety therapy and love their selves. Eating healthy body nourishes your body and body parts functions properly. Health is a supreme priority so be careful and does exercises to keep the body healthy.