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Men in Black International Movie Review

Men in Black: International: The New MIB Agents Lack The Force Of Their Predecessors

Men in Black: International is a spin-off film of the Men in Black film series. The MIB franchise were known for their comic action – stupid looking men in dark suits and equally dark goggles saving the earth from aliens. But this film is called frustrating in early reviews.


The film starts where the Men in Black 3 left. After the deadly attack of aliens is averted, London gets a dedicated branch of MIB detectives. Soon the smart brigade of black guys is joined by a beautiful and young woman, Agent M (Tessa Thompson). The head of London MIB branch, High T (Liam Neeson) pairs the young female agent with Agent H (Chris Hemsworth). Soon the two agents have a task – checking the advance of aliens towards the earth. And this time the agents are travelling the world in order to save the earth.

Highlights of the movie

Use of ARRI Alexa 65 digital cameras gives a better digital experience
The launch of new MIB agents
The new protagonists display amazing chemistry
The alien attack is more widespread than centric at a place

Men in Black: International First Look & Poster

The poster is dedicated to the new agents of MIB. They sport black hairstyles, wear black suits and put on black goggles. In the poster, they are displaying a new type of weapon that could help in keeping the advancing aliens at a bay. The movie name in black appears on the bottom.

Why watch the movie?

As expected, it has a mix of action and comedy. Also, the viewers would appreciate the digital viewing experience of the film.


The film is releasing after 7 years of its prequel
Earlier the movie was titled M.I.B.
VFXpert Rick Baker was interested in working in the movie
The entire movie was shot with ARRI Alexa 65 cameras