Ramadan 2019 : This Ramadan Follow Five Rules To Get Five Benefits

This Ramadan Follow Five Rules To Get Five Benefits 

The month long fasting for Ramadan or Ramzaan begins on 5th May and will conclude on 6th June with the celebration of Eid. Muslims all over the world observe fast during Ramadan because fasting is considered a way to escape from the worldly desires.

Ramzaan is associated with fasting and it is what makes it sacred but there are some rules for fasting.

Ramadan 2019 began in the evening of

and ends in the evening of

Dates may vary.

1. Every Muslim adult male with a healthy body and mind must observe the fast but he shouldn’t travel during fasting.

2. Every Muslim woman should take fast provided she is out of her mensural-cycle and there’s no post-natal bleeding issue. Women expecting pregnancy and new mothers can postpone fasting to another year.

3. Every Muslim observing fast must remain in discipline in the month of Ramadan. It is advised that the devotees maintain a high standard of moral and ethical character especially for this month.

4. Reading the holy Quran and doing charity and good work is considered auspicious in this month.

5. The devotees have to practice celibacy for the holy month of Ramazaan.

Muslims across the globe lead a life of a saint to observe fasting for Ramadan. They are prohibited from eating, drinking, smoking, arguing and making $exual relations from dawn to sunset for this month. They believe it leads to consciousness of God known as taqwa in Islam.

The practice of fasting for Ramazaan started approximately 1,400 years ago when ancient Greeks started fasting as a medicine to heal the body. Today scientists advise modified fasting for physical and mental well-being.

While Muslims believe that they get taqwa by fasting but they certainly get health benefits fasting.

Here’s how fasting heals body

1. Restricting food intake can prevent high cholesterol, heat ailments and obesity.

2. Body starts removing toxins once the digestive system gets rest.

3. Gut lines are cleaned and strengthened during fasting. It is called autophagy and it involves self-cleaning and removal of toxic elements.

4. Fasting boosts fat burning rate that results in gaining lean muscle mass.

5. Scientists are studying relation between fasting and physical and well-being. And they are unanimous in the finding that observing fast reduces stress and anxiety.

If you are Muslim and observing fast for the holy month of Ramadan, you should observe the fasts properly so that you get the holistic and material benefits of fasting. Observing fast for this month would give you energy for the entire year.