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Salena Gomez Amaze the fans with entitle Anthem’ Look at Her Now’

After releasing her endangered new Song “Lose You to love you” Selena, 27 years old singer amazed her fans by dribble another album and go along with music video at late night names “Look At Her Now”.

While looking at this song’s title, it already tells someone’s break-up story. I think it’s her own story. She looked stunning in this Music video. It directly Assure us that, she directly sermonize her Ex-Boyfriend Justin Bieber. Recently she posts on Instagram to announce a new song i.e “special gift” for her fans.

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans

Salena shares her anger with Justin Bieber in her song and tag to all fans!

She wrote, so here my special gift to all my fans. With her Apple iPhone, I have created this particularly for you all. You lived with me in all situations. I thank you all to bring best in me. After releasing this music video “Lose you to Love me” her fans falling is increased and everyone adores for her courage and daring.

She bravely tell us on a relationship with the singing sensation Bieber. Related to him she also sings a song like” set fire to my purpose and I let it burn” is an emotional one which released in 2015 in album Purpose.

The Bieber moved on quickly and proposed a model Hailey Balwin and then got married to her. This thing is out the courage and bravery in Selena Gomez and her ability to sing this type of Empowering Anthems ‘Look at Her Now,’ says she ‘Dodged a Bullet.’