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Signs of Obsession: 3 Signs of Obsessed lover, who’s not in love with you

Everyone wants a special one in their life. You are very lucky if you have such a person in your life whom you care about and who cares about you the most. If you have a perfect man in your life who loves you, support you and the best part is he is the man you dream of.

But nowadays, some people obsessed with their lover and torture her partner in a very bad manner. They use to ghost them, chase them and suffocate them. The person who never give their partner free time or doesn’t like they spend their time with anyone else except them like family or friends.

Signs of Obsessed lover

So, here we share some signs of obsessive lovers:

• When they become too clingy

I know it feels so good if your special one is on your side always and spend a lot of time with you in your starting relationship but when later on they do the same thing becomes too much. Because everyone needs their alone time or like to spend their time with their friends and family.

If your partner doesn’t understand this then it means that they suffer from a mental health issue. So, when it going to be too late you must apart from that type of lover that’s better for you.

• When he continues to text you in every 15 minutes

It feels so amazing if you get the first-morning message and lastly good night text from your sweetheart. But it becomes too irritating when he tests you in every 15 minutes. By this, you aren’t able to concentrate on your work or any other activity. He needs to understand that your world does not revolve around him and many more things going on in your life. If he doesn’t understand that then it means you are not living in a healthy relationship.

• When he stalks you

When your special one checks you while you are in work, in parties or any place and said that it’s a coincidence. Leave this bullshit because the guy you whom you are living in a relationship is insane and leave him immediately.