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The super gorgeous star, Sunny Leone has been able to win everyone’s heart within a short span in the film industry with her hard work, passion, and dedication. In an open conversation with zoom Digital, the actress revealed many things about her upcoming projects and future plans.

The conversation also led to the secret to her flawless skin to which she said, it is the quality that matters. She said, people, are running in a herd of sheep where they do not exactly know what their skin demands and its requirement. They are just caught up in a zone where they look for brands and not what works for their skin.

She further says I have seen people following the recommendations of dermatologists which in no way improves there skin condition rather makes it worse. It is important to double-check what they are suggested to follow and catch the second opinion.

Sunny Leone Beauty secrets for impeccable skin

Sunny shared some of her secret mantras to flawless skin which she follows regularly. Continue reading to find out:

• A simple cleanser is crucial. It should have very minimal ingredients in it which does not react on the skin. Ideally, it should remove all the dirt from your face pleasantly.

• She says prevention is the key to everything. Rather than waiting to fix the problem, one should start working on it from now. People who are in there ’20s should consider using anti-wrinkle creams, such products are good for the skin when one reaches their 30’s or 40’s.

• Washing the face should be followed religiously no matter how wasted or tired one is.