Face Mask

Tan Out in 10 Minutes with O3+ Dermal Zone Sulfur Cooling Masque

Want to look renewed and glowing by your face? If yes, so don’t miss to use O3+ Dermal Zone Sulfur Cooling Masque in your daily routine.  We all familiar with the fact, pollution is everywhere, consequently, we need that best skincare product that nourishes, protect and refreshes skin.

O3+ Dermal Zone Sulfur Cooling Masque is perfect for all skin types. It is organic and made with natural extracts that purify skin and leaves rejuvenated glow. This healthy application prevents acne, breakouts and even control the excretion of excess oil. This has calming and healthy properties too that refreshes, detox and gently moist your skin.

O3 Purifying Sulfur Cooling Facial Mask

About Brand

O3+ Professional is the leading skin care brand in the market in delivering organic and best products that actually work. They focused on only nature’s ingredients that are best to create magic for a long period of time. This skincare will leave refresh, healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Few Advantages:

Rejuvenate, refresh and cleanse
Give total Makeover
Uses 100% organic ingredients
Prevents breakouts and excess oil secretion
Eliminate Tan and leave a glowing appearance
Good for all skin types

Key components:

This Rejuvenate beauty mask includes Asparagus, kale, tomato, broccoli, willow bark, and watermelon. All these used components are great and known to rejuvenate plus refreshes skin. This mask is best to eliminate tan and dark spots.

How to apply it?

Make sure you applied this mask gently on your face, and do follow the steps given below:

Wash off your face with water and soak it well.
Apply the cream gently and evenly on your face.
Leave it until it becomes a mask
Rinse off with cold water.

Does it leave side effects?

Not at all! It is organic and suitable for all skin types.  This particular good for uneven skin tone, tan, and acne prone skin.

Consumer’s review

Well, the originality of this product stealing the hearts of customers in just 10 minutes. Its fast-acting formula, natural blend and cooling properties are amazing to create the magic.

Where to order this?

For an order this exclusive product you can visit Nykaa, Amazon and even its official website. Its cost is only 830 INR.