The Dirt Film Review

The Dirt stands true to its name. This American movie is a musical comedy drama but it is more about women, $ex, ejaculation, naked ass, drugs, brawl, accident and murder. It is like going uphill to enjoy scenic views and then jumping from the hill to catch those views.


Frank Carlton Feranna Jr. runs from his alcoholic mother and abusive stepfathers. He tries to find his biological father but fails. Finally, he changes his name to Nikki Sixx and joins a band but goes on making his own band with a drummer Tommy Lee, guitarist Mick Mars who’s also suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and vocalist Vince Neil. The band is named Motley Crue and it soon becomes a popular name in clubs. But the members of this popular band become addicted to wealth, wine and women and finally ruin their lives.

Highlights of the movie

The story is a deadly mix of music, women and drugs
Some scenes are overexposed to the point where they look soft-porn
The band members are presented as good musicians but with very bad habits
It is more a portrayal of insanity than humanity
It has a happy ending with the band reunited to perform for next two decades

The Dirt First Look & Poster

The Wikipedia poster looks more like a book cover. Designed black and white, the poster has sketches of the lead actors with their names written and red and white labels. The movie name features on the top and other details are provided at the far right-end on the bottom.

Why watch the movie?

It serves rough entertainment that is a mix of music, drugs, $ex and crime.


First feature-length movie by Jeff Tremaine
Lead actors of the movie learned to play Motley songs
Christopher Walken was selected for the role of Ozzy Osbourne
Val Kilmer denied playing the role of David Lee Roth

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