Unassuming Beauty Hacks Which You Need To Try Right Now!

No one denies this fact each of us wants to look beautiful in a possible short time. If you know about some simple beauty hacks which give you beautiful, healthy, and young appearance, there is nothing erroneous to use them. Isn’t it?

If you’re a lazy girl and hates makeup to do every day, you should learn about these unassuming beauty hacks. This will surely transform your appearance in the next couples of days.

Well, might you give your skin facial treatment every week or month, but your skin deserves regular care. I know it’s difficult to go saloon regularly, but we have some home remedies and simple no makeup tips that help you to look beautiful all day long.

There are countless remedies you might find on the internet, but I believe only best that actually works. This is why I’m going to share some easy beauty tips with you for all lazy, working and housewives.

Throw on Mascara and blush

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to do make-up. Throw on Mascara and blush, why? The little contrast on your cheeks and eyes can give you makeup finish and fresh look.

Drink Green tea

Green tea is excellent for skin and body care. Its antioxidants perform detoxification that removes waste and toxins from the body, hereafter you enjoy healthy and glowing skin.

Have trouble with lips? Exfoliate before lipstick

If your lips are too dry and always seems flaky, so before applying lip color make sure you have to scrub your lips. This removes dead skin and leaves soft lips, hereafter you get glossy and matte finish after applying color.

Take care of hair with coconut oil

Extra use of curler, straighter, Coloring, and more destroys your hair critically. Before washing your hair must apply coconut oil 30 minutes before wash. This adds nutrients to your hair and gives a shiny and soft look.

Use baby powder for long lashes

Yes, you read right. It is a thrilling remedy. Every lady wishes to have long, black, and volumized lashes. To get it, all you have to do is. Apply one coat of mascara then after dip cotton swab in baby powder and apply it gently on lashes in upward direction then apply a second coat of mascara.


Most the ladies use concealer to hide dark circles using concealer in circle shape, but you need to put it in a triangle shape for a fresh and shiny look.

Blisters after heels

Having blisters after wearing new heels is a common problem among ladies. To get rid of it, you should take the help of a liquid bandage. Put this bandage on feet while wearing new heels. This works to prevent pain and blisters both.

Dry Shampoo is a saviour

Washing head just before the party no one wants. This time, dry shampoo is life. It is one of the best beauty inventions for both genders. This simply washes your hair and give fresh look with no use of water.

Spoons as instant dark circles remover

If you have no concealer to hide dark circle then don’t worry. Put two spoons in the freezer for 5 minutes and gently place them under eyes for 5 minutes. You’ll thrill with results.

Drink water

For flawless young skin, hydration is important. Always drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day to keep PH level balanced. Also, you must use cold water to wash your face twice a week.

Are dark pores becoming a problem? Use ice cubes

Dark and large pores enough to spoil the beauty. To get rid of instantly rub ice cubes over your face. Yes, it is cold and sucks skin, but it is best to close pores and even redness on the skin.

Mess up of eyeliner

No one has time to correct it. Don’t worry you can correct it in a few seconds. Take a tip and dab it in rose water or makeup remover. Then remove mess gently with tip.

Never shave dry

If you have no time to do wax then shave legs with an eraser is an alternative. Don’t forget to apply baby oil before a shave. Rub oil all over legs then erase hair as it keeps your legs soft and moisturized.