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Unknown Health Benefits of Curry Powder which you should know about

In Indian food, curry powder is one of the important ingredients that add flavor and taste to the dish. Some dishes are not completed without this core element. Moreover, the ingredients used in curry powder are mainly handpicked that further comes with various health benefits.

This includes Chilli powder, ground coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, and pepper. All these are loaded with healthy benefits that become double when you use it in curry. The combination of both can reload the wellness of a person.

Here are the surprising health benefits of curry powder

Health Benefits of Curry Powder

Curry powder is a high-quality bomb of Indian flavors as well as wellness benefits. When you consume it frequently, it will turn your life immediately by adding up great health. Turmeric is the key component that makes curry superb and offers you the following benefits:

1. Boost Digestion

For healthy digestion turmeric is not only the responsible ingredient, but it aids by the blend of other herbs include in it. This will help to keep the stomach relax from gas, acidity, and infections. Furthermore, it cures diarrhea and vomiting issues.

2. Prevent cardiovascular damage

The curry powder includes sweet basil as well as cardamom that work as a vasodilator. This work as reducing the risk of heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and poor blood pressure.

3. Prevent bacteria formation

It includes coriander which has anti-bacterial properties. This can fight against the damages and control the body against bacterial infection. It seems that when you consume curry powder it naturally fights against the cancer cells tissues and keep you secure always.

4. Strengthen your bones

With the research, we have found curry powder can help and prevent your bones heaths such as moving, repairing bone growth, pain, and connectivity. It is best for preventing joint disorders like arthritis. It also best enough to prevent osteoporosis.

5. Enhance mental clarity

The ingredient involves in curry powder can also prevent your brain against Alzheimer’s. Parkinson diseases. Turmeric furthermore helps to improve the neurons and circulatory response that keeps you active and best.

Curry powder soup

Curry powder soup

Often people avoid the use of curry powder in the food because of taste, but you have yet another option to take it and that’s called soup. If you want to try this, check the given recipe.


• Butter 2tbsp

• diced carrots

• shed and cubed potato

• water

• coriander for garnishing

• curry powder

How to make:

• Take a pan and heat it. Add butter, carrots and potato and celery stalk.

• Stir it well and then add water (for consistency of soup).

• Again stir it for minutes.

• Add curry powder, salt, and flavors that you want to add.

• Cook it for minutes until it leaves the desired taste and color.

• Serve it with cream and coriander.