Which Face Mask Does Give Complete Protection From Pollution?

Which One is The Best Face Mask?

If you haven’t bought a face-mask yet then you should because pollution has reached an alarming level where the air has become too toxic to inhale.

Choose one from the following face-masks 

Prana Air Mask

This premium quality mask has an N95 filter and a small fan inside. Its six layer air purification system protects the user from harmful gases and all PM 2.5 and PM1 particles. In addition, it has a small fresh-air fan inside. The fan maintains a proper flow of air for the convenience of breathing. It runs on a rechargeable battery and a fully charged battery lasts for more than five hours. The Prana Air Mask claims a purification efficiency of 9.95%.

best face mask

Approximate Cost: Rs. 3500

Buy Here: Prana Air Mask

2.Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge N99 Air Pollution Face Mask 

Available in 15 styles designs, this mask comes in the category of fashion products. But it also does a good job. The manufacturer claims that it can filter more than 99% of particulate pollution including PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3. It comes with an adjustable nose clip and is available in three different models – no valve, 1 valve and 2 valves. Also, it has a silver coating that prevents germ attack. The lifecycle of this mask is 200 to 300 breathing hours.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 5000

Buy Here: N99 Air Pollution Face Mask


This mask is better suited for sports activities due to its airtight design that provides better grip. The design leaves no space between the face and the mask and the triple layer filter provides 95% protection from particulate pollution. Also, the soft silicone design allows proper air flow.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 3000

Buy Here: idMASK2

Vogmask Masks N99 

This mask N99 comes with an additional layer of the carbon filter and it boasts of providing over 99% filtration of airborne particles over .3 microns. Also, it also has exhale valves – 1 and 2 valve options.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 2000

Buy Here: Vogmask Masks N99


The Crusaders provide different options from disposable to washable masks. Fitted with N99 and 4 layers of carbon filters, it claims complete protection from air pollution. It also has a valve design but its biggest advantage is the 5 replacement filters.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 1300

Buy Here: CRUSADERS Mask N99

Repeller N99 

The Repeller provides a better grip over the nose and it can filter PM 2.5 particles to allow only fresh air to reach your nostrils. Adjustable straps are provided for added comfort and the washable design allows complete cleaning of the mask after use. With a daily use of 12 hours, it will last for approximately 60 days.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 2200

Buy Here: Repeller N99

Honeywell PM 2.5 Anti Pollution Face Mask 

Honeywell is a cheaper option available only at Rs. 350 but it provides effective protection against PM 2.5 particles, influenza virus, bacteria, dust and haze. Available in attractive models including valve design, the mask claims to give 95% protection from pollution.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 300 – Rs. 500

Buy Here: Honeywell PM 2.5 Face Mask

Dettol Siti Shield Protect+ N95 Anti-Pollution Mask 

Another option in affordable masks, the Dettol product comes with 3 layer filtration and claims to provide protection from PM 2.5 particles, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful pollutants. This mask also works as a shield against virus and bacteria.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 200

Buy Here: Dettol N95 Anti-Pollution Mask

Respokare Anti-Pollution Mask 

This mask has an active respo layer that neutralizes toxic nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and other toxic gases. Also, it provides 98.5% protection from PM 2 particulates. Available in regular and small size, it is a great mask from air-pollution.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 240

Buy Here: Respokare Anti-Pollution Mask