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Why Should you Exercise in Periods?

Do you skip exercises during your periods? If yes then you aren’t alone who retire her jogging shoes for good. A lot of women skip their workouts during mensuration cycle but little do they know that exercising during periods can benefit them.

Advantages of exercising during periods

Advantages of exercising during periods

The benefits of exercising have nothing to do with your periods. On the contrary, the physical and mental effect of workout would help common issues related to mensuration.

During periods, both progesterone and estrogen plunge to their lowest level resulting in loss of energy and feeling of disillusionment. But skipping exercising isn’t going to help regain your energy. On the contrary, it would let your morale down further. But you can use periods to try new workouts.

1. Aerobic exercises can help decrease the PMS symptoms including fatigue and mood swings.

2. Exercising will boost natural endorphin high and since endorphins are a natural painkiller, you could get quick relief from the sufferings of periods.

3. Workout would give you more strength especially in the first two weeks of your periods. It is because of low level of female hormones you will experience during periods.

4. Exercising during periods can enhance your mood by increasing blood circulation. Also, exercising alleviate the pain and suffering like backpain and headache that often associate with mensuration.

5. Some women have very painful periods called dysmenorrhea. For them, this time of month is very taxing. But exercising can relieve the painful symptoms to a great extent.

The best exercises for periods

The best exercises for periods

The first few days of periods are quite uncomfortable but retiring hence unsuitable for stressing workouts. During this time, you will want to do what you can. For example, you can reduce the intensity of your workout schedule to make it more comfortable.

1. Light cardio, slow motion walking and shorter bouts of aerobic exercises are good for periods.

2. Low-volume strength training and power-based workout are great for this time of the month.

3. Yoga and Pilates are good for your health during mensuration. These light activities would help in relieving the pain and suffering associated with periods.

If you feel normal during periods then there’s no reason to skip your exercises. You should continue with your regular workout schedule but keep an eye on your health that could deteriorate after stressful exercising. In periods, you should star slow and gain momentum, if you feel good.